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Cleveland Aquatic Centre Learn to Swim program offers class for all ages and abilities.

CAC Learn to Swim

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CAC Learn to Swim

Cleveland Aquatic Centre Swim School believes children need more than just swimming skills to keep them safe from harm. The skills and knowledge learnt through the our program provides a level of protection and aims to provide children with solid foundation skills in swimming, survival and basic rescue.

Our program operates on a 48 week period where lessons continue on School Holidays and Public Holidays.

All classes are 30 minutes in duration with the exception of Level 3 and 4 where they are 45 minutes. For optimum results we encourage children to attend 2 lessons per week. The second lesson is at a discounted rate. Families with 3 or more children enrolled into the Swimming and Water Safety program receive 10% discount off the 3rd child's fees.

All Teachers are Austswim or Swim Australia accrediated.

Infant and Toddler Levels

Infant 1

This class is an introduction for parents and babies to water and safety skills through songs, games and social interaction. Infants will participate in skills such as submerging, floating, kick and arm action along with carer education.                      

Infant 2

This class is a continuation of the Wonder 1 class where the children will indpendently kick, reach for objects and pull arms through the water, readiness for submersion and blow bubbles on the surface of the water.

Infant 3 

This level is preparing children to transition into a class without a carer by practising more skills through games and activities with a an emphasis on safety.

Pre School Levels

Pre 1

This class is ideal for children with little or no water experience and the carer is not required to be in the water.

Pre 2

Children are developing correct body positioning a strong kick on front and back.

Pre 3

In this class children are learning the foundations of basic Freestyle and independantly kicking on their back.

Primary School Age Levels

Primary 1

This class is ideal for school age children with little or not water experience and the carer is not required to be in the water.

Primary 2

Children will develop correct body positioning, kick on their back independantly and be introduced to basic freestyle skills.

Primary 3

Children will begin to learn correct Freestyle arm technique and Backstroke while practising their submerging skills.

Primary 4

In this class children will continue to work on their Freestyle with breathing and backstroke. Children will also be introduced to survival skills and breaststroke kick.

Primary 5

Children will continue to develop their breaststroke kick, refine their Freestyle and Backstroke with an introduction to diving.

Primary 6

Children enhance their Breaststroke skills while continue to build endurance. Children in this level are encouraged to attend 2 lessons per week and join the Redlands Swim Club by participating in fortnightly club night. Joining is free for all children under 7 years by going online https://www.swimming.org.au/junior-dolphins.                     

For further information regarding getting started with Swimming Lessons at Cleveland Aquatic Centre please Contact 07 3286 2723 or email clevelandswimschool@belgravialeisure.com.au 

We believe swimming is a life skill and requires time, care, practice and regular commitment.


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