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Cleveland Aquatic Centre offers Adult Learn to Swim Classes for all ages and abilities whether you need some help with your technique or have no water experience, our qualified teacher can assist you.

CAC Adult Learn to Swim Program

CAC Adult Learn to Swim Program Features

CAC Adult Learn to Swim Program

The Adult Beginner class suits people that have little or no water experience, you may have also had a bad experience and need to gain confidence back in the water. This class will teach you the fundamentals of swimming i.e. body positioning, breathing, submerging and kicking.

The Adult Intermediate class is designed for adults that have water experience however wish to refine their skills and build up confidence particulary in Freestyle.

Both classes are scheduled in the Indoor Program pool and have a maximum of 6 adults.

The adult Program operates on the following days/times:

Adult Beginner Casses:

esday and/or Thursday 5.30pm - 6.00pm


Adult Intermediate Classes:

Tuesdayand/or Thursday 6.00pm - 6.30pm

What to bring:

*Swim Cap     *Goggles     *Towel


For more information or bookings please contact our friendly Reception Team on 07 3286 2723.